Week 14 - MVP Feature Complete

Again another couple busy weeks outside of this project. The main thing that I did was fix the game loop. Since I anticipated that I wouldn’t make much progress, I contracted out two people on fiverr to do a couple things. These tasks are still in flight, but should be completed in the next couple days. The first thing is a level editing tool. For now this will just be an internal tool that I can use to build out some levels a bit easier, but in a future iteration it could be adapted to include some sort of feature for users to build and share levels. The second item is just 3D modelling another arena to include.

I’ve been thinking about the scope/direction of this project and I’ve learned a lot from the general feature development cycle of this project but its reaching a point where I feel like I’m learning less and less from each feature on my list. There are other, more ambitious things I would like to learn to develop, which could be done by expanding the scope of this project, but I’ve got another slightly more ambitious project in mind that would be a better fit, and one of the last things that I would like to learn from this project is about what releasing looks like.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to consider this game, mostly feature-complete and spend a few cycles doing cleanup, bug fixes and preparing for a release.

My todo list is:

  • Fix left eye black on scene load
  • Fix level complete feedback (add text and some time)
  • Style loading screen
  • Remove login screen/Simplify leaderboard
  • Fix points/lives resetting on each level
  • Add ceiling to pool arena
  • Fix pointer on start screen ui
  • Implement mall arena
  • Implement 10 levels total