Week 10 - More modelling

Small update this week. Continued to learn blender and did more modelling. I also worked on the lighting for the vaporwave level. Here’s the gameplay footage:

I’m doing some work in the room where my greenscreen is, so its just headset footage this week.

I got the vaporwave arena functioning when I play using the unity playmode, but there is some issue with the bricks loading in the build that I will tackle this week.

The models that I made this week for the game was the sun neon and the ferns in planters. I also did some cleanup and improvements on the arena model. I modeled/modified a few other things in blender to 3d print for some additional practice.

This level has a bit more verticality, so I want to try to see how it feels with the ability to control the height of the hoverboard. Also going to try making 2 more models and a loading screen/structure for switching arenas on a level-to-level basis