Week 9 - Modeling

With my current focus of learning blender, I exceeded the goal of making two models. I wanted to get better at modelling so that I could create a couple more arenas for levels, so I decided I would try to actually model a little arena and a couple of props. Here’s some game footage–

I decided that I wanted to expand the aesthetic a bit to include vaporwave, just to give me a little more room to play with for arena designs, so I started making a vaporwave inspired arena. It’s far from perfect and not fully functional yet, but it’s coming along. In addition to the arena model, I modeled the column and the palm-tree cutout. The greek bust is a CC0 asset that I downloaded.

I didn’t end up fixing any bugs this week, but I did also create 3 new brick layouts.

This week, again, my goal will be to build 2 models, 2 brick layouts and to get the vaporwave arena to be a playable arena.