Week 4 - Highscore/Playfab integration

As I had anticipated, I wasn’t super productive this week, but I did get scores pushing to a backend leaderboard system. I decided to use Microsoft Playfab for a backend so that I don’t need to worry about setting up and deploying a backend on my own to save myself some time. This project is mostly about learning, and I already have a pretty good idea how to roll my own backend. Now, the user is able to log in and their high score gets saved. There are leaderboards that are maintained on the service but I’m not displaying them anywhere in the game at the moment.

I didn’t get MRC working, so no slick mixed-reality gameplay videos this week. I’m probably not going to look at that this week– the last two weeks have been kinda filled with work that hasn’t really had a lot to show for it in game, so I want to focus on some things that impact gameplay a bit more but maybe I’ll see if there is some sort of Oculus expert on fiverr who I can hire for a pairing session to try and troubleshoot it. I’ll try to snag a regular gameplay video and add it to this post since it’s been a while since I’ve posted one.

I also managed to get the power-ups that I wanted put in to stories. I think I’ve got all the features that I want identified and put into really loose stories. There is a bunch of other ideas that I had to add that I haven’t put in to stories, but I think it’s important that I try to keep my scope reasonably small for the initial release so that I can get something completed. Gonna take some time to think about things and then I hope to lock my scope in terms of features by the end of this week.

In terms of work that I want to get done this week– this week I’m hoping to implement a couple power-ups– Multiball, enlarge and 1up. My stretch goal is going to be to start working on the updates that I need to make to start implementing multiple stages (serialized levels) for a campaign mode.